Natural Medicines & Remedies

From my own experience in the past,  and from talking to others who have suffered from lung, it is the general consensus that natural medicines and remedies usually only help reduce the symptoms of lung in the short and long term but are not able to eliminate it completely. 


Be sure when looking for a Tibetan doctor, massuer or acupuncturist, that they are qualified, experienced and have a good motivation in healing others. In my own experience there are too many natural medicinal practitioners out there without a good motivation for healing others and are quite happy to take your hard earned money from you. As attending the clinics of Natural Medicinal Practitioners can be expensive, please be careful.  


An excellent resource to learn about Tibetan Medicine is Dr. Tamdin Bradley's website. Just click on the link below to learn more. Dr. Tamdin Bradley is an accomplished Tibetan Doctor and has written a couple of books about Tibetan Medicine, one title of which can be found in the 'books section' on the website. 

One practitioner who suffers from lung is quoted in the book 'balanced body, balanced mind' as saying "I find it effective to use a combination of Dharma with a long term view to change my mind, together with acupuncture and Tibetan medicine." I find this very sensible advice.  


Remember there are no guarantees that Natural Medicines and Remedies will make our lung better.  Sometimes when we think we have found a new cure for our lung our mind is relieved and relaxes! We experience a placebo effect and after a week or two our lung comes back again.  Actually experiencing placebo effects can be our kind teacher because it teaches us that we are creating our own tension in our own mind. 


Diet is another interesting talking point. From my own experience, diet has never really helped me much. But for others diet has helped a lot. I am not going to give any advice on dieting accept that in general it's good to eat healthily. A little treat every now again won't do us any lasting harm. If we keep a very strict diet we will just get tense and create tension in our mind and our lung will manifest strongly. If you go to see a qualified Tibetan Doctor, they will give you advice on diet on what to eat and what not to eat. I am no expert in this field. We usually know when we are eating well because we will feel a sense of well-being.


Exercise is also very good for lung and can help a lot if done in a relaxed manner. I think above all prostrations are the best as we can combine exercise, getting our chi moving with purification practice. Also Chi-kung (Tai-chi) and Yoga are very good ways of getting our energy winds (chi) moving. It is good to attend classes from qualified practitioners, as learning from books can be very difficult.


I once bought a book called the 'Five Tibetans' (see Books section) about ancient yoga exercises practiced by Tibetan Lama's. The 'five tibetans' are very simple exercises one can do in 15 minutes to get the chi moving. If you do these regularly everyday you will definitely feel a difference. For myself, I find walking meditation is one of the best remedies for a tight mind. Taking regular relaxed walks in quiet and serene environments definitely helps reduce the tension.


Also I have heard from practitioners suffering from lung, that gently rubbing Tibetan massage oil into the affected area's where the lung is manifesting can work as a good remedy. Check out the link below:-