Inspiring Quotes

Tibetan masters describe the process of meditation as being similar to training a wild horse. If you tether it to a short rope and try to beat it into submission, you will have a very difficult time taming that horse. But if you give it a large coral to run in and approach the wild animal with kindness and love, you can ride the horse in a short a while. We have to treat ourselves very gently. Ribur Rinpoche tells us over and over again "....relax....". This is the key to meditation without lung. Don't push yourself, your body or your mind - more is not better and might in not right. Whatever you do, do it for others. - Ven. Lhundup Nyingje

One’s practice should be free of looking for results. Even if one spends one’s entire life doing practice and has not a single experience, no results at all, that should still be a cause for great joy to have spent one’s life like that –Geshe Sopa

Relaxation is the point. And if you can relax with an enlightened person his enlightenment will start penetrating you, because when you are relaxed you become porous. When you are tense you are closed; when you relax he will enter - Osho

If we want to cook food we need to leave the stove on continuously and not keep turning it on and off. If the heat is continuous, no matter whether it is high or low our food will eventually be cooked. Similarly, if we continuously apply effort, even if it is only a small effort, it is certain that we shall eventually experience the fruits of our practice. - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Let-go means no competition, no struggle, no fight… just relaxing with existence, wherever it leads. Not trying to control your future, not trying to control consequences, but allowing them to happen… not even thinking about them. Let-go is in the present; consequences are tomorrow. And let-go is such a delightful experience, a total relaxation, a deep synchronicity with existence - Osho

It is like a river that flows to the south.  If we see it and want it to flow in the other direction, can that happen? There can only be frustration then.  The water flows south, and we want it to flow north.  When will this ever be resolved? Is the water wrong, or are we wrong? It is just a way to create frustration.  Nature is like that, things following their laws.  No matter how much we wish to force it to be otherwise, it just continues on it that way.  What should we do? If we think like this, where can we find happiness?  The river flows on in the same direction.  Thinking, we cannot make it change; trying to do something about it, we find it is beyond our ability. 

So the Buddha wanted us to practice meditation, to listen to the Dharma and investigate, and to see according to the truth, the truth of the river.  If it flows south, let it flow that way. Don't fight it.  If there is a person with the eye of wisdom who stands by the river, sees it flowing south, and can accept that because it is just the nature of things, there is no conflict or frustration.  The water flows in its way, and thats all there is to it.  That is Dharma, that is nature.  There is aging, sickness and death.  In the beginning there is birth, in the middle aging, and in the end breaking up and disappearing.  Those who can contemplate and see the truth of this will be at peace.   - Ajahn Chah