Changing Your Mental Attitude

Everything relies on our mental attitude, and acceptance is the real root healer. This is true for any illness-you start to heal once you really accept it. If you accept your lung and stop fighting with it, if you are even able to become good friends with it, for the most part, it will go away. If it doesn't go away completely, at least the mental suffering will decrease and you will be able to bear, and even enjoy, lung. 


Regarding this, one of the first pieces of advice that I received regarding lung was an e-mail from a friend simply saying, "Enjoy the lung". After more than two years of constant suffering from symptoms such as dizziness, heat, cold and pressure points, this was some of the best advice I received. If you are able to accept and stop rejecting the unpleasant sensations brought on by your lung, you can actually come to enjoy it. It then ceases to be a problem, and a Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, you can enjoy this problem as you would enjoy ice cream! Of course, this is easily said but not easy to put into practice. Sometimes our suffering is so strong that we want only to escape from it. However, once you learn to truly accept your lung, it will gradually become easier to do so. Once you are able to accept it, you just need to let it be;if it goes away, just let it go. Don't try to stop the negative experiences and sensations-just let them be, again and again. Surrender yourself to the lung. Don't fight it or develop anger and repulsion towards it;just give the victory to the lung. Enjoyment and lung are like fire and ice-they cannot stay together-so if you are able to be happy and even to enjoy having lung, then the unpleasant sensation disappears and you can experience a blissful one instead. Even if the lung doesn't actually go away, at least it will not cause you to suffer. 


by Ven. Thubten Shakya

(excerpt from Balanced Mind, Balanced Body)