Meditators Wind Imbalance (Lung)



This website is dedicated to helping, supporting and curing Buddhist practitioners who are suffering from Wind Imbalance (Lung). This page is also dedicated to educating Buddhist practitioners on this important issue so they will not develop the condition in the future.


This website is not affliated with any Buddhist Tradition. Most of the advice and information given here is more relevant for practitioners following Tibetan Buddhism. There is though some helpful advice and information in the links section which is more suited to practitioners of Hinayana Buddhism.  


My intention in creating this website was to provide Buddhist practitioners with a helpful online resource. I have little skill, knowledge & wisdom and I have just merely collected teachings, notes and so forth from many different places and created this web page to be of benefit to others. 


Having suffering from lung myself; on and off for for many years; and finding it very difficult to find any resources on line for help and support; and knowing and understanding other practitioners are experiencing the same problems.  It is for this reason I have created this website. From the blessings of my kind spiritual guide, the compassion of all the Buddha's and not forgetting the blessings of my incredibly kind retreat master, this website has manifested. 


My great hope is that this precious resource will be of great benefit to others.